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You either walk in Spirit or you walk in Flesh
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Cosmic Stone Reading
At Balance Toe, we take care to provide our men and women with high quality Spiritual services personalized for your unique needs. 

We provide a variety of services including:
If you have any question concerning  consulting, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Readings utilizing the elements of this planet to connect your flesh to your higher self of spirit. This is a tradition handed down through time; now being made available to you. I also do remote readings via skype, zoom or other means.
Dream Interpretations
Spirit and I developed and use a formatted method that allows you the individual spiritual seeker to breakdown a step by step method to help guide you along your Spiritual Truth and Path.

Spiritual Coaching
Interpretations utilizing the elements of this planet and beyond to connect your conscious mind to your higher self of spirit.
 "Traditional Sage" / Crystal Grid Medicine Wheel First: Spiritual Energetic cleaning and clearing of stagnant obstructive energies.
Second: Spiritual realignment and consecration of the sacred blessings contained within every home or business.
Third: Celebration with a re-dedication ceremony of the home with family and friends, with the creation of a spiritual altar.

Home and Business Clearings
Feather Tapping Ceremony
What takes place is your body receives an entire energy cleanse which aligns your Chakras, Pressure Points and Spiritual Light so you may be able to overcome your current situation of pain, depression, stress and more. Different types of feathers are used on your entire frontal body which differ according to your current life situation.

Feathers represent ascension and spiritual strength. When focused upon, we lose ourselves to the finer, lighter energies of the air, and we begin to feel ourselves relax into the knowledge of our presence within the universe. By contemplating such higher ideals, we are able to understand our purposes and desires more clearly.

This tradition is ceremonial and is only provided by Balance Toe one of the last descendants of the Rainbow Clan of the Piwweltha tribe “Pueblo Indians” located in the Blood of Christ mountains of New Mexico.
This is truly a remarkable experience as your body receives light energy from crystals while you are wrapped in a Buffalo fur as American Indian flutes and drum music are being played through the meditation process. After meditation you are unwrapped and caressed by feathers from your feet to your head. The entire process is about 1.5 hours on an average.
Become a non-citizen National outside the commercial structure of GOVERNMENT and a Secure Party Creditor instead of a debtor as the COMMERCIAL structure of GOVERNMENT has you predetermined violating your Creator rights to have dominion over all.
Take back your freedom and your Spiritual path back from Government
Blessed to be a part of this cosmic frequency
i am the Cosmic Chief
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Feathered by Spirit

Feathers brushed my feet and face, under my neck, up my body from soles to crown, along the sides of my limbs. Brushing, dusting, tickling, activating my apparthi—subtle sensors of the energy body.

The Avian was awakened in me by plumes of eagle and crow, owl—snowy owl in particular, my constant companion—macaw, swan, peacock, turkey, and a few more whose names I don’t remember. I carry their gifts, bestowed on me by the Shaman’s tapping.

Up into the Cosmos I soared—among the stars, and even beyond them. Perspective changes everything. Pettiness cannot exist in the vastness way up there. It was the Power of Above I experienced. Below is for another time. Then, my attention was skyward and higher, pointed to Akasha—Infinite Space. The steadiness of Buffalo held me while I journeyed above.

At one point, I wore a crown of white feathers—small and delicate, interspersed with pearls and jewels. Grace and elegance, wisdom and wealth of Spirit were my garments. I was clothed in the knowledge and inner-standing of Truth.

Peace is the path, even though we are at war. We stand as Sovereigns. We guard Truth. We radiate Love. All that is unreal and inauthentic simply falls away or dissolves. Only Love can stand in Truth.

The Power of Presence is
Love on the Pillar of Truth

Deanna Depaoli