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You either walk in Spirit

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I am that I am; You are You; Together We are We; For which I am that I am
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About Balance Toe; Descendant of the Piwweltha Rainbow Clan

My lifetime began many years ago and through all my lessons as well good fortune, I continue to learn why others attack the LIGHT of Spiritual Justice and the purpose of disguising the attack to the general public as our spiritual rights slip away in CORPORATE Governance doctrine.

Individually we are not shallow people, deep are the thoughts of humanity. The action one takes from such thoughts can and will change the moment of time forever in ones bubble of being free, having our liberties and the pursuit of happiness to achieve enlightenment.

How far do we have to go as free people? While allowing others to dictate our present and future while leaving destruction in the past. Belief is learned by personal thought first; then experience, hand in hand with fate. Faith is part of the idea too. However there are three things people or government cannot take from you the real person an Angelic being of Love and Light.

One: Faith; In God or Supreme Being, in other words your belief is your belief, no one can change that.

Two: Family; You love them hate them, they always remain blood of your blood. You cannot change this or can anyone else.

Three: Education; If you know how to read, nobody may change the understanding of a word. Degree Smart University (DSU) or Street Smart University (SSU) if you know the meaning no one can change that.

AMERICA has a multiple of color fabric within all cultures from American Indian to Mexicans, Blacks, Asian and European people of all ancestry.

My families story begins in New Mexico and near the Colorado boarder. My dads grandparents and parents were full blooded Piwweltha Indian located in the Sangre De Cristo “Blood of Christ” Mountains of New Mexico near Taos; even my dads Great Grandparents are buried there at the pueblo; Juan Loranzo and Ascension Pando descendants of the Rainbow Clan “Peacemakers and Healers” which protected the Sacred traditions of the Stone and Feather medicine. In the early turn of the 1900s my fathers family left the corrupt reservation due to the conflict between religion, government and our sacred traditions. 

Now, I will be touching on the negativity of positivity in my life and the general life of others. You see as life deals you the lemons of life and the cherry pie of gratitude, it all becomes a part of who you are and what you will become, due to your personal experience and the outcome on any given day. Destiny, Proverbs, Fate all have an important part in your daily life, the area we tend to forget is when any individual uses his or her power to CONTROL others.

Example: To prosecute when there is no victim. "Victimless Crimes" 

This is Corruption of values; as well it violates the spiritual world of light and free will. Values are given to you by the belief system in which you were taught by the people who raised you; as well what you have decided as spiritually important. The importance of values and ones individual beliefs assist us in our daily routines.

Think about what you want to accomplish and how you will achieve your plan. If you will overcome obstacles due to what your spiritually understanding is and not just the fleshly experience, life truly becomes what you made of it. I have gone through many obstacles in life. I have experienced abduction, death, physical abuse, mental abuse, discrimination, persecution due to personal belief, MEDIA lies, Judiciary persecution and more all on a personal level, all throughout America. In my situation, I have had negative as well positive outcomes; due to the obstacles placed in front of me. I also have experienced much pain, suffering and difficulty in understanding the lesson, I was given to learn from a path of spiritual devotion. I’m sure many of you have been dealt hardship; as well a kindred spirit from time to time. I hope by speaking out against Political Corruption, Darkness, Fake News, Judiciary Corruption, Demonic Energies and more of you will take a stance and win back our liberties and human rights through Spirit, which continue to be lost due to the politicians who main belief system has been bought at a very high price. Millions of dollars are spent on Lobbyists/POLITICIANS to achieve a better economic goal, which at most times have hurt our economy, ecology and our liberties as free people of spiritual light. Many have tried and continue to spread propaganda about me, due to me exposing Deep State and Propaganda within the Reservations and within the states. I challenge anyone to debate the facts, your not sovereign on the Reservation or USA INC. A lot of FAKE NEWS, you decide once you have the true facts. If you have questions, please ask me for my side instead of judgement without the whole story.
 Click on this link to receive your free sovereign lesson. Thank you again and I look forward to this journey of light we will be making as a collective whole of spiritual light energy. Aho
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Directions of Humanity
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Spirit Hopper Tour starting 2015
Hitting all fifty states to spread the Light of Creator
One might ask such a question, what was the Spirit Hopper Tour 2015?

The Spirit Hopper Tour of 2015 is an opportunity to spread ancient wisdom of the American Indian tribe known as Piwweltha. Piwweltha means: Feather Bunch Flying to the third Cosmic or as my Grandmother said "The Ascension Tribe". 

Our goal and purpose is to teach about the areas of life which cause negative energies to remain within the body. We give the solution on how to move forward utilizing ancient wisdom of Feathers and Stones to release energies that no longer serve you. Also helping within the communities as we travel.

We also create a Feather Mandala Medicine Wheel, Water Medicine Wheel and activate the healing energies utilized within our Rainbow Clan of the Piwweltha tribe. In addition we do personal spiritual growth seminars, which can go from 3 hours to two days depending on your areas or personal request.

I suggest you look at our Spiritual Service and Seminar page and contact us to set up visiting your area as the Spirit Hopper Tour 2016 continues to 2024.
First leg of our Journey across America
Took place in Lake Tahoe, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Arcata, McKinleyville, Menlo Park, Oakland, LA ...
Other Gratitude Ceremonies / Blessings
Release in 2016; Documentary called; 
The Way of the Brave
Sacred Ceremony at the
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Sacred Ceremony at the 
Roman Ruins in Nice France
Our Journey to International Film Festival in Nice France
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Holding Sacred Space
Sacred Ceremony at the Beach in Costa Rica, 2016
What is a Rainbow Warrior?
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Solar Eclipse Ceremony, 2017
Ceremonies at the Sacred Sites of Peru, 2017
Unexplained craft taken in Casper, WY 2018
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