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About Balance Toe
My lifetime began many years ago and through all my lessons as well good fortune, I continue to learn why others attack the LIGHT of Spiritual Justice and the purpose of disguising the attack to the general public as our spiritual rights slip away in CORPORATE Governance doctrine.

Individually we are not shallow people, deep are the thoughts of humanity. The action one takes from such thoughts can and will change the moment of time forever in ones bubble of being free, having our liberties and the pursuit of happiness to achieve enlightenment.

How far do we have to go as free people? While allowing others to dictate our present and future while leaving destruction in the past. Belief is learned by personal thought first; then experience, hand in hand with fate. Faith is part of the idea too. However there are three things people or government cannot take from you the man or woman an Angelic being of Love and Light.

One: Faith; In God or Supreme Being, in other words your belief is your belief.
No one can change that.

Two: Family; You love them hate them, they always remain blood of your blood. You cannot change this or can anyone else.

Three: Education; If you know how to read, nobody may change the understanding of a word. Degree Smart University (DSU) or Street Smart University (SSU) if you know the meaning no one can change that.

AMERICA has a multiple of color fabric within all cultures from American Indian to Mexicans, Blacks, Asian and European people of all ancestry.

My families story begins in New Mexico and near the Colorado boarder. My dads grandparents and parents were full blooded Piwweltha Indian located in the Sangre De Cristo “Blood of Christ” Mountains of New Mexico near Taos; even my dads Great Grandparents are buried there at the pueblo; Juan Loranzo and Ascension Pando descendants of the Rainbow Clan “Peacemakers and Healers” which protected the Sacred traditions of the Stone and Feather medicine. In the early turn of the 1900s my fathers family left the corrupt reservation due to the conflict between religion, government and our sacred traditions. 

In time my father became the first American Indian elected as a republican in a 
democrat ran county of Mora in Northern New Mexico. One area that he was proud about, was the fact when he spoke to Paul Harvey on the telephone Paul told him “he was the first constitutional sheriff in America because of his stance against the overreach of agencies”. Late in his life his wife became a deep state political pawn and was utilized in many areas of deceit to maintain the narrative of the Globalist Agenda 21/30. Corruption was in front of me and all I could do was watch and learn. Due to this upbringing, I realized this would be part of my spiritual path to save the Republic from the future of DEMOCRACY. I began studying and researching which has brought me here today 40 plus years later with verifiable proof of what took place under CORPORATE GOVERNANCE. Why our Spiritual rights have been used against us through tyranny of government officials and employees. Why CORPORATE STORES around the world were open during this plandemic, while small stores were forced closed and nonessential. We are here to educate you the researcher, teacher, business owner, preacher, doctor, lawyer, politician, lay person. If you can handle the truth by verifiable evidence, allow us to help you during these times of the awakening. A new and brighter world awaits you once you set aside old beliefs and recognize truth guided by your faith. 

Blessings and Protection to all who dare this path of Spiritual Knowing.


Ceremony at Serpent Mound Ohio
The Great Eclipse Casper Wyoming
Clearing the Monaco Race Track prior to the race of 2017
Clearing the Roman Fighting Coliseum of France in 2017
Re-aligning the sacred lines of Peru 2017
Interview; The Way of the Brave in Nice France 2017
Clearing the land of a massacre and the energies that were shown.
After clearing the land, 1 year later we received our sign, geese flying, making a perfect heart in pure spirit.
The Way of the Brave Full Documentary, enjoy!
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