Balance Toe 
the Cosmic Chief
"Your Spiritual Awakening"
Native American School of Culture  "U3143"

Balance Toe 
You either walk in Spirit

or you walk in flesh
I am that I am; You are You; Together We are We; For which I am that I am
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My experience with Balance Toe was life altering. I had cancer and it is gone. He is a magical being of light. He Healed me .
Laurel, Maine
Balance Toe came over to bless my house, but he did more than that. He uplifted our souls, and restored a sense of balance in our home. Our house is over a 100 years old, so there is a lot of history. he helped us bring it back to its glory to create beautiful memories for years to come. 

Christina, CA
"I have been a spiritual seeker for over 10 years and through my work with Balance Toe, including his seminars and spiritual awareness class, I now feel like I have found direction and purpose. Working through some of the exercises given in class was very helpful to finding my focus and realizing what I really need to live a happy life and share my own spiritual gifts with others. Thank you Melt."

Love, Candace , UT
My sister set up this Shaman cleansing for our home. She had heard about it and did it for her home and thought why not? Couldn't hurt. We welcome blessings from anyone. Mariah and I are to both be present, and actually the animals too. It was wonderful and pretty different. 

Balance Toe, the main dude, in all of his 6'5"-ness and long hair with rainbow tunic, was very kind and Rosie & Winston took to him right away. The "hot Shaman juniors" as Mariah referred to them were good looking and probably in their early 20s. A medicine wheel was set up with a crystal and stones over a largish yellow piece of leather. The sprayed essential oils, stones, didgeridoo sounds (which initially frightened the dogs) and feather tapping all seemed to add to the calming, peaceful overall effect. We were to think about gratitude the whole time. A stone was placed in each corner of our home, and we were given a bit of redwood and another type of stone taken from the center of the set up medicine wheel where the big crystal was in the living room.

Their energy was kind, loving, genuine. After the didgeridoo was directed at each of us toward the end of the ceremony, we were asked if any visions came up. Mariah had something of nature and I had one where I was laying peacefully while the sun was washing over me with nature all around. I also imagined myself dancing from time to time. Then an image popped in I didn't share until a bit later on. A version of myself, at least she kind of looked like me, was dancing in an ancient tribe-like way over me while I was laying in the sun. She was chanting what we were told to chant before the 2nd phase of the didgeridoo started which was "I am love, I am safe, I am protected." Pretty trippy, huh? 

Before leaving, Balance Toe told me to hold out my hands tonight and think about what I want to do and start it. Then put my hands to my heart. That will ensure healing. 

They refused to take any tip saying we had already been taken care of.  

If interested, Balance Toe and his peeps are traveling the states -  

There have been many different wonderful experiences that I have been honored to have with Balance Toe. One of the first things that touched my life, was his selfless devotion to spirit. The energy that he brings is a sincere and humble unified and complete connection with nature and spirit. Not just in this dimension or and this time frame of our lifetime in this car nation, but with several different dimensions and incarnations and lifetimes simultaneously. This was known to me because he brought that experience of transcending time and space to me while ministering to me and blessing me with that energy of him just seeking truth from spirit in the moment. Also, in his items that he has created with spiritual intention, the energy that comes through these items is almost overwhelming. If it were not for the piece and grounding of spirit they would be. But they are a perfect blessing in their creation because of that sincere humble energy that is placed within it during creation that it is not his energy for his spirit. 

Perhaps the very greatest experiences from my part with Balance Toe and his apprentices, is that of a blessing of my business and of myself. During the blessing that there was nothing remarkable or shocking or standing. It was a simple blessing to cover and protect myself and my business against some very heavy dark Energy that were attempting to thwart the process of spirit and my path. The building did not shake. I was not overwhelmed with great feelings of warmth or transcending reality in this dimension. It was a simple peaceful sincere and focused blessing that N a sweet moment, in a sweet gentle moment, there was no more trouble. I cannot find enough words to share the greatness that I feel for Balance Toe and his tribe just walking the earth. It is beyond comprehension in its totality and it is a great blessing to be simply in a glimpse of his work and incarnation in this lifetime. Blessings to Balance Toe, his tribe, and all creation, Cynthia of Crystal Bridge NV,CA
Helping in a humanitarian project in Phoenix Arizona.  This is the first straw bale home built utilizing the IBC for straw bales. Izzy filling the mixer while Balance Toe puts on coats covering the raw material.

Balance Toe is the perfect name for who he is as an individual and how his purpose is manifested for the benefit of all. My personal experience began with an illustration he drew of the relationship between "spirit" and "earth".    The congruency and peace within that union came together.  In that moment, where there had been conflict of mind and heart and confusion of soul came a knowing of myself and ALL.  The effects have been visible.  The healing within, allowing acceptance and unconditional love of who I am and who You are.  Fully seen, fully known, fully loved.  Nothing else is of consequence.  The lessons continue....
Charla; ID

"Melt, Balance Toe is an amazing spiritual teacher. I have taken 6 of his classes and have learned much from each one. Including his 8 hour "Heal and Grow Spiritually" workshop. I have become more aware and closer to spirit. Many of my friends have attended his classes and everyone is amazed and loves Melt's teachings. I will continue to attend all classes whenever Melt returns to Utah. Melt is always there when I need spiritual guidance. Much Gratitude, Love and Light, 

Candee O, Utah"
I truly believe there are no accidents in the way the universe pulls and connects us to one another. The day I met Balance Toe or B.T., as I have fondly come to know him. I felt an immediate bond. I was carrying with me a very heavy heart. Struggling with issues that just seemed hopeless at the time. This soon began to change when my son and I started working with B.T. on an intense 30 day spiritual journey to transform what we had been dragging along with us from the past for many years. Misunderstandings and old perceptions quickly diminished with the master healer and his divine forces at the helm. We received a spiritual cleansing in our home and for our body’s. Before departing in his gypsy-like life style, B.T. helped my son to make some great connections in our local area to help out if needed in absence. 

Patiently awaiting his return to us, we remain…

 In Gratitude,

Gayle, CA
One of the people I work with shared this with me after we had channeled her Cosmic Stone Reading for her first time last week.
Definition of Cosmic Stone Reading:
Readings utilizing the elements of this planet and beyond to connect your earthly experience of flesh and soul to your highest self of Spirit and Light of Ascension.
Our tradition calls upon three light powers of the feminine water where the Spirit and Light reside within the genetic body we currently exist in today.
White Light;
Individual Conscious of Spirit and Light and flesh and soul
Blue Light;
Collective Conscious of Spirit and Light and flesh and soul
Purple Light;
Source Conscious of Spirit and Light and flesh and soul
Each Light source which downloads you pertains to an element of the Ascension Process.
What she explain to me a few days later when we caught up was simply this:
She was driving down the road after the session and she felt guided by source to take a selfie which as she explained is something she never does. So listening to her source she pulled over and took a photo, what she saw was surprising to her.

You see she never had seen energy like this in a personal photo. She felt calm and open to express this due to how the reading continued to guide her even after we had left one another's energies.
She was being download by source in my traditional understanding. When the photo was enlarged it looked like a vibrational code from source while being transmitted directly when she captured the Purple Download herself.
I thought I would share this with you today due to the time we are in.
Change is not Change without Change! Open yourself to the wonderful new experiences that Source / Creator / God / Mother Earth / Great Father / Great Mother / Great Spirit has inspired for your full circle of Spiritual progress. Embrace it Today!